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October 12, 2020

The Forbidden Love

I met a guy in haram way, Cloaked in angel wings- he was a devil to lead me astray.

His sweet words I thought were true,

What his true intentions were I had no clue.

I was becoming his slave and he my master,

I was turning away from Allah first slowly and then faster.

I forgot my true lord and his innumerable blessings,

I considered myself nothing but best and every calamity as a testing.

Every day the devil dragged me closer to hell,

But soon enough I heard a bell.

It was of the adhaan, the muzzan called, “hayya al falah”, he called.

I realized it has been days since my last prayer, I realized that I had my true love,

Fear gripped my heart and guilt rushed through my veins, My boyfriend- a devil not a saint.

I remembered my parents always guiding me, I was backstabbing them, but I was blind- I couldn’t see.

I was sinking into quick sand of sins,

I found myself helpless like a fish scrapped out of its fins.

I ran my eyes looking for a soul to hold my hand,

Someone who could guide me back home from this deserted land.

I picked up the holy Quran covered with dust,

For it was the only cure for my heart covered with rust.

“Allah is oft forgiving and most merciful “I read, T

hat revived my soul and I prayed.

I wept several hours for forgiveness, I was sure to find his mercy.

I picked up my cell and bid goodbye to the devil,

Lest, I never felt so relaxed up to this level.

I rushed into my parent’s room: to my mom praying,

“O! Allah guide my children “I could hear her pleading.

I ran to her and kept her head on my lap, Thank you Allah for guiding me back.

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