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Matters of the Heart
October 8, 2022

Darkness To Light

In the lands of Arabia, sat a city of Old

Makkah, carved in the hearts, worth more than Gold

A young boy sat cozily beside the Chief

The nobles scolded him but were told to give the boy no grief

He grew up to be the best of them, they named him Al Amin

The best in lineage, the purest of tongue, with his heart washed by Jibreel, fit was the title of Al Amin

They planned on rebuilding the Kabah, Baytullah

Broke out a fight but who else would resolve it save Habibullah

With his blessed hands he placed the Black Stone

And out of his face a light shone.

A shepherd in the deserts of Makkah

He had caught the eyes Khadijah, the daughter of Bakkah

Blissful was the marriage, but this was just a stime

Little did they know that this love would be recorded by the sands of time

Worshiping his Lord in the Cave of Hirah

Descended Jibreel proclaiming Iqrah – Iqrah

Scared he raced to the arms of his beloved whispering,

Zammiluni! Zammiluni!

Comforting were her words that could stop his whimpering.

This is the Angel of Musa, O Prophet, O Nephew!

Died saying this, Waraqah a Muslim anew

Muhammad O Muhammad! someone called out his name

He looked around but could see nothing but the same

Rose his gaze up high

He saw Jibreel with 600 wings covering the sky

Muhammad truly you are the Messenger of God

He stood there scared and thought this odd

Jibreel came down with the words of the Most High

The end of darkness had come Nigh

Shaken, he rushed back

Dathirooni, Dathirooni

It was Khadijah again who covered his back

Don’t be afraid, you help the needy, you love Allah

Indeed was he anyone other than Habibullah?

He would go on to leave all the idols behind

He is a mercy from our Rabb to all of mankind

Years pass to the sound of your praise

Counting the days till we can behold your blessed face

Standing at Al Kauthar hoping to fight our case

May we stand like your companions shoulder to shoulder

And treat this world like nothing but a passing boulder

Celebrating the praises of Allah for victory and power,

With the call to Allah, loud from every tower

We strive to emulate Rasul Allah

In the hearts he resonates, Habibullah

We bear witness that Muhammad Ibn Abdullah صلى الله عليه و سلم - Imam of the Prophets - Seal of Prophethood - Mercy to Mankind is OUR Prophet and the Messenger of Allah.

He completed his mission and delivered his message in full to us. The Nur of his Sunnah continues to illuminate the path for us. May our eyes and hearts not be blinded to stray away from this clear path.

Why strive and persevere for Jannah? In it is Rasul Allah

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