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October 12, 2020

Friday Fiction|Sakeenah – A Tale that needs to be heard

‘’Grocery tick, Light bills tick, mamma’s tablets tick, net connection renewed tick’’
*Phew* every task done for today Alhamdulillah !
Sakeenah quickly parks her car, removes the grocery and glides the staircase so that she can bump into her flat exactly on time to serve lunch for her mommy.
Assalaaamualaikum!! She says, after exhaling a few pants
*Aaahchhooooo Acchoooo*
Yaa rab Alhamdulillah! Sakeenah manages to utter, after her blunt sneezes.
‘’Where were you Sakeenah? Haven’t you gazed at the clock? Look at the time, its 2: 30’’, echoed a deep rude voice of her mother, who stood across the door with folded hands and furious looks, in maroon trousers and a black cardigan.

Sakeenah slightly confused, at what she is talking about, asks ‘’ But I am on time, what’s wrong?
Aysha is waiting for you at school, you had to pick her up, didn’t she tell you a gazillion times before she left home? But yes, how could the princess remember, when her brain is all time occupied on WhatsApp and Facebook”, grunted her mother, throwing the magazine hard on Sakeenahs face.

Sakeenah slapping her forehead managed to say ‘’ Sorry maa, I got caught up at the electricity office, the line was huge and then it completely slipped outta my head’’
‘’You always mess up, and then we get those lame excuses, irresponsible even at the age of 21, how awful is that Sakeenah?
But maa,
Interrupting her the mommy continued ‘’ Ayesha must be waiting, some thug must have even kidnapped her by now, goodness didn’t you get any other womb? I can’t bear your face, just get out of my sight’’
And quickly the heated argument changed into nothing but a one-sided war, slap after slap planted on her cheeks, fierce hits with rods, leather belts, stick, anything or everything.
Anything happened under the roof of that 2 bedroom house, Sakeenah was to be blamed. Constant taunting sessions, terrible abuses, beatings and every cruel act that could make anyone go insane.
A deprived kid indeed, craving for the love of a mother who hardly cared for her wellbeing. Even the neighbors sometimes came up for her rescue, to stop her ruthless mother, who always removed all her frustrations of financial crisis and other issues on the little soul.

Sakeenaah, usually known as a symbol of peace, Rehma and calmness yet every bit of these ingredients were lacking in her life. If we were to define her, she was a morning breeze, always plastered with a beaming smile and loud laughter’s.
Her sister Aysha narrates, ”she was a dreamer, who dreamt beyond imagination and worked without limitation. A vivid artist who painted through her heart, she excitedly blended every color of her emotion, and spilled on the bare canvas, filling it with life and dazzling beauty.She adored simplicity, she found bliss in the bits of nature – the scent of the flowers, the hushes of the leaves, the rhythm of the rains, the melody of the breeze – it startled her being and her heart swelled with love and aww towards the magnificent creator”

She wanted to be a Da’yeeyah, calling people to Islam, study Qura’anic sciences as the ayaahs of Quran baffled her every time she came across them. But everything was blurred, with no value at home, constant banging’s and sufferings, she just let everything go for the sake of her lord.

Just at 21 life had given her painful experiences, hard-hitting wounds and unbearable realities, which in turn got her one fact cleared, There is no one more Loving and comforting as Al wadood, so she always turned to Him in her heart full pleads and believed in her bright future, a tomorrow which will take away all her pains and gift her the divine Ease and something which she could never feel, Sukoon, from where emerges the word Sakeenah. Little did she know, it was awaiting for her only in Jannah..

Sakeenah, in spite of being responsible, mature and an ADULT, was a victim of physical and emotional abuse, and she believed to endure it patiently, which probably was a wrong choice. She suffered big time at the hands of her own mother, and paid huge prices for it as well. Being an extra sensitive soul, it began affecting her emotionally. Her trials were masked, and she wanted it to be that way.
She was active around the local community, where she volunteered often for various programs, yet no one knew the storms she was facing internally. A girl who was loved by all, ‘Sakeenah’ – a name that stole a million hearts, yet the destiny shattered hers, terribly.
At a tender age, where girls dream of marriage, a harassment followed by rape by her very own cousin left her in despair. And the kind of bond she shared with her mum, it just left no room for her of confession or comfort.
It was a trauma, someone just didn’t rip apart her clothes, but her I’zza, her Honor, staining her veil for a lifetime, there was no one she could consult except her neighbor, who was a gynae.
She tried to fight it all alone, because if ever she was exposed, the society she lived in would anyway not support her lest alone her own extended family. She felt betrayed, and the incident shook her, and the earth beneath her toes just vanished. Solitude was her companion, friends just didn’t seem the right people to talk to, and so she tried to hold on to the rope of faith, till one fateful day when it got worse and lost her life to a heart stroke…..

A sad demise? An insane story? But Hey! Ahlan wa sahlan! This is the real world, of which I just shared a short snippet. There are thousands who go through similar cases and worst. They mourn behind the closed doors and wet their pillows in Dark prisons. There are many more Sakeenahs out there, screaming for justice, which indeed will be done the Day of Qiyaamah, if not here.

Parenting is a tough task; it’s an Amaanaah, entrusted to you by the lord of the universe, so fulfill it with all that you got. We often blame kids and focus on Birrul waalidayn, but what about the huqooq Al Atfaal ?
My friend says, ”It’s extremely essential to give the Haqq (right) of every one, to make the pieces fall into its perfect place. It all starts when you snatch the right, and then the magnanimous fitnah begins because now ‘Dhulm’ has entered into the picture, when you take away the right, you end up being a dhaalim”

didn’t Sakeenah, confess it to her mother or anyone about her rape or her illness? Because although she thought she is strong, she had internally given up. She had lost all hope in her own bonds.
Kids’ weather, teens or adults need support, care and nourishment. You need to be their friends first before their guardians, so when things go wrong they come to you straight.
We normally hear desi parents narrating the dangerous torments subjected to the disobedient child, but hey! Do you want your child to be amongst the inhabitants of Jahannum? would you be able to see her boiling in those hot fierce waters and gulping down the bitter thorny meal?
No right? Then WHY make it hard for them to obey you? Why can’t we have parents who appreciate the little done, forgive when blunders committed, and accept our children again after the ‘Lost and Lesson Learnt Phase’ in their lives?

Know that you are their gardener; you have all the right to discard the weeds that’s destroying your garden, but do water them with love and warmth so that they grow and flourish.

In a fitnatic world today, she really needs you, yes! SHE specially because the world is a terrible place for her, where every now and then a struggle awaits for her mysteriously and if you don’t care to lend an ear or support then the Shaytaan will engulf her taking the advantage of the situation, as he is EXCELLENT at this. Eventually the Ummah will loose its pillars – ”The youth – the pioneers of this Deen” . Of course then you and I have to be blamed.
It’s alright to chop off their wings if they have taken the wrong flights, but if they are on the right tracks, trust them with your hearts and let them fly, allow them to make their dreams into a reality. And For Allah’s sake, do not differentiate on the basis of gender, yes she is a girl child but she will make you proud one day but LET HER DO IT. GIVE HER A CHANCE!
Don’t be harsh on her and let her rot in the kitchen because the society commands so. Never raise that hand on those innocent cheeks, she is a delicate flower and her blooming process is directly proportional to the habitat she resides in, make it a peaceful and joyous one.
Recognize her struggles and be the favoring sword in her battles.
Marriage is not the destination but Jannah is, allow her to work for it, watch her if she stumbles meanwhile aiding her in building the castle of her dreams and smile with pride when you watch her getting in there.
She wasn’t given to you that you exploit every lifelong and then give her off to some foolish man, who further increases her suffering. Infact she was born to be a legend, appreciate her approach to life, admire the path that she choses, watch her footsteps making sure yours trail behind, hold her soft hand a, love her for who she assuring her of your complete backing if the slip occurs and then see how she changes the nation!

The ultimate joy for you will be gazing her swim in the rivers of success,
You are her wali’s, in your pleasure and acknowledgment, lies her true Happiness

One of the worst things you could do, is strangle her voice that needs to reach the world, snatch away her identity which is her honor, knock her down, engulfing her in cultural shackles. Don’t do this, wallaahi, don’t!
Allow her to explore her talents, to breathe the air of liberation, to gulp down the waters of beneficial Knowledge, and bask in the glory of her achievements.
That’s her life, otherwise she will break, and every shattered piece of her heart shall scream for A’daalaa (Justice)….
Indeed He is enough, and He is the best of Judges, Al A’dl shall compensate the losses for All the Sakeenaas, but be ready with your answers for the Dhulm that you have committed by showing your back to your Daughters on youmul Qiyaamah…

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