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October 14, 2020

Journeying with the Quran

We all know that the purpose of Revelation of the Quran is Guidance – to bring people out of darkness and into the Light. And yet, even as we consider it a universal guidance for all of mankind, we must also understand the significance of the Quran as a guide for each and every one of us. See, the beauty of the Quran is an all-encompassing one, whilst it radiates a powerful magnificence to all those who chance upon it, it also intricately conceals within it hidden pearls and gems perceptible only to those who ponder over it and make an actual effort to understand. Interwoven in profound, meaningful language with boundless depth lie secrets for the souls of the believers, as the Quran remains unparalleled in its prestigious status as a piece of literature that shook the world – for it is divine and miraculous in its nature as the speech of Allah; indubitably perfect and pristine from whence it was revealed till the last Day.

With this introduction, let me invite you to embark on a journey with the Quran. Now, be forewarned, this is no walk in the park…this is the beginning of a lifelong adventure! The deeper you go, the deeper the path of illumination will lead. There is no limit to the amount of treasures you will discover, there is no boundary as to how far you can go, and the only destination to this journey of seeking Enlightenment is Jannah, InshaAllah.

Let’s start with the first step: Intention.

Like all relationships that necessitate interest and commitment from both parties, such is the relationship with the Quran. A person must have a desire to build a connection with the Quran, passion to learn and acquire lessons from the Quran, and a sincere yearning and craving for love of the Quran, in order for the Quran to truly impact and shape their lives and become companions for their souls. And honestly, it may sound like a load of work and a big commitment – I do sometimes tend to dramatize things a bit – but it’s easy peasy. Because really, just that sincere longing in the heart is enough, and Allah is All Knowing of our hearts’ desires and wishes.

Secondly, act upon that intention. Make an intention to act upon that desire, and by Allah, your life will change in an inexplicably and unimaginably amazing way. Doors toward learning and understanding are opened, day-to-day life becomes easier and simpler – no better decoder to life’s complexities than the Quran – blessings are showered upon you, and you are immersed in a whole new world of astounding wonder; the luscious, fragrant smell of the sweetness of Iman enveloping you whole. This is the journey with the Quran. You take one step towards Allah, and Allah will take ten steps towards you. You walk towards Allah, and Allah will run towards you. So, if you desire and strive to learn from Allah, then indeed Allah will teach you.

Thirdly, delve deeper and reach further. Of the several countless beauties of the Quran is the simple fact that it speaks to you, Allah speaks to you. Isn’t that reason enough to open the Quran? Oh, and I don’t mean simply flick it open, read in a monotonous voice, feel as if you have achieved something great and then close the Quran and go back to your ‘oh so awesome’ life – we’re all guilty of doing that at some point in our lives. But I mean, really read it. Read it and understand it. Sit down with the translation of the Quran or a book of Tafsir, and discover what stories of the past the Quran is narrating to you, what miracles of the universe it is describing to you, and what valuable lessons it is imparting to you. Because the very fact that you have an opportunity to read the Quran means that you are blessed! Allah has chosen you, especially you, to read the greatest Book revealed to mankind! So read, and broaden your mind and enhance your understanding of Islam, for what more complete and perfect way is there to learn about Islam than from the Master?

Fourthly, reflect and connect. Time and time again, we are advised in the Quran and ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ to ponder upon the verses of the Quran. And what’s amazing is that the Quran actually speaks to us all differently. Not one of us has the same relationship with the Quran as another. Similar to the distinctiveness of fingerprints, each and every relationship established with the Quran is unique and exceptional in its own way. Allah, in His infinite Wisdom, has created us such that we all relate to the Quran differently and are affected by it differently! A verse that might make you smile or cry may not have the same effect on me, and a verse that might send shivers down my back may not impact you in the same way. SubhanAllah! The magnificent intricacy of the language of the Quran – one verse can impact millions of people in different ways. Hope. Fear. Love. Awe. Desire. Terror. Sympathy. Wonder. All these feelings and more are evoked within us when we read the Quran and as Allah speaks to us.

Fifthly, and lastly, make it your companion. One of the greatest and most elevated statuses for Muslims on the Day of Judgement is being Companions of the Quran. In fact, on the Day in which Allah has promised there will be no intercession, there will be the intercession of the Quran!

The Prophet Muhammad صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ said:

اقرءوا القرآن فإنه يأتي يوم القيامة شفيعًا لأصحابه

“Read the Quran. For verily it will come forth on the Day of Resurrection as an intercessor for its readers.”

And this is from amongst the innumerable blessings gifted to those who make the Quran their companion. Yet, what does it mean to be a companion of the Quran?

To have a love so strong that you turn to the Quran at all times, during times of distress, anxiety, happiness, joy, elation, worry, sorrow. For every obstacle you face, you turn to the Quran to seek guidance, for every worry and stress, you recite the words of Allah to bring your heart contentment and peace, for every time your Iman dips low and you need a boost, you go back to the Quran, for every question and query on your mind, you search for answers in the Quran, for every moment of happiness, you do not let it distract you away from the Quran but rather motivate you towards the Quran and increasing the remembrance of Allah and gratitude towards Him. To enliven your life and revive your heart with the Quran day and night, to constantly and consistently keep your tongue moist with the words of the Quran, and to strive to learn it, memorize it and teach it to others. To endeavour to act upon the Quran and beautify your character with it, to inculcate its teachings in your life and spread them, to love the Quran with a pure, full heart such that you become a living embodiment of Islam through it! To increase in reverence and love for Allah with every passing day as you journey in life with His Book…

So strive to make the Quran your companion in this life, and Allah will raise you as a Companion of the Quran in the Hereafter!

Oftentimes people utter the statement, “you have not lived until _____ (so and so)” when they’re completely bedazzled by something. Trust me when I say: You have not lived until you have journeyed with the Quran! For there is no meaningful connection with Allah, without a meaningful connection with His Glorious Book.

May Allah bless us all and shower upon us understanding of His Book, may Allah grant us the ability to discover and learn from the Quran in ways that are beyond our imagination, and may Allah make us true Companions of the Quran in this world and the Hereafter.


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