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Matters of the Heart
March 6, 2024

Ramadan Game Changer!

So here It is, we officially have surpassed the middle of Ramadan and the last ten days are about to begin. That means, we have already bitten more than half of this ‘Hasanah dipping’ sandwich and only a little remains lol but seriously this is the most dreaded phase because the count signals that the last lap of this blessed marathon is just few steps away! Wola! That did happen to quick then you have imagined.  Isn't it?

Lost and Forlorn in the Month Of Barakah?

And If I ain't wrong, then there is this little ‘you’ who is lost? When the world around you seem to be oozing out productivity, hyper activeness in ibadah, racing with the Quran tilawah and its tafaseers, working on self improvement and charity, does your little worn out – numb – shattered – empty and that broken piece of flesh solemnly questions about YOUR condition so far and why is it so opposite from the rest?

With all the amazing Bayyinah TV free trial, set of mind bogglingly inspiring articles released by Productive Muslim or Ideal Muslimah every other day, motivating video series by Nouman Ali Khan, Tawfique Choudhary, or Omar Sulaiman and basically amidst every goodness thats literally thrown your way and with opportunities engulfing you to push you towards Allah, do you still find yourself in the same spot where you started and unable to take advantages of these awesome tools?

Weather it is the haunting Solitude, Work overload, messed up family bonds, daunting depression, post loss of a beloved phase, mental health problems or emotional sickness that you are battling and which did not disappear even after the arrival of Ramadan as each one of us have hoped for, disappointing our existence big time. Since we all believe this is the season of khair, Barakah and Rahma. A month which shackles the shayaateen and marks the celebration of illuminating light piercing every heart and dispelling darkness, filling our chests with the waters of Taqwa and perfect time to sow the seeds of Iman.

But unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be your case, although you try, you cry, you bleed, you pray, you hope but the battle continue to get harder and the lane spikier as those handful of valuable days pass by. The pain to not feel the essence of Ramadan through those Qiyams and share that close – awe filled bond with the Kalaamullah is excruciating. The inability to utter the Duas with Ikhlas and sincerity like before is tormental and most of all to feel distanced, unloved and barren from the Love of Al – Wadood in Ramadan is traumatizing..

There Still Exists A Ray of Hope

I know I know what you feel and how you feel and what your little soul goes through.

I know everything you do seems insignificant and you want to surrender putting your weapons down because you no longer believe, with this level of Iman drop you can EVER make it this Ramadan, especially when the final round is just going to begin.

The feeling of unworthiness, the emotional turmoil of being trapped in your sins and not being able to give them up even NOW is a big trauma to deal with BUT BUT BUT I want to tell you that is NOT true and you really need to strangle these thoughts and flush them out of your brain right away.
Easy to blabber or type up a never ending article, you might say but without this paradigm shift and awakening, its only you who shall go deeper and deeper into your waters of guilt, shame and shattering.
Rise again, stand again, just once more, for your broken soul which screams for healing and there is no better time to start than now….

Oh A’bd of the Most Benevolent lord the guilt of tasting the honey, which you knew was poisonous and which resulted in transgression could ALSO be your cure, your purification and the very reason for Tawbah.

The solitude which kills making you sink in the pool of depression, could also be the tool that makes you cling to Allah’s rope which will lure you to his Siraat.

The days that have passed by your earnest tries and failures, could also be worthy of higher darajah in front of Ash – Shakoor, the appreciative of the small efforts.

The physical or emotional illness that chopped your wings, destroying your Ramadan goals, but your persistence despite it and the very sickness that you frown over could save your neck from the grasp of Jahannam.

Your hectic schedules, family commitments and 24×7 long hours of playing a mommy on duty, which puts a full stop, limiting your time for Ibadah, could be the very reason Al Hakeem grants you His most peacefully beautiful Sanctuary – Jannah.
YOU are Under the Most Secure Eyes

One of the most comforting ayah, I ever came across is the one below –

“And be patient for the decision of your Lord, for indeed you are in Our eyes.” (52:48)

SubhanAllah, to be under the security of the most trusted wakeel, Al – Moula who doesn’t betray and the closest Khalil who will come to your rescue before you even call him. What an honor to be an a’bd of such a Magnificent Master who desires to lift our burdens, hears the pleads of the broken souls and grants them double ease so that they are pleased.

Firstly, it’s OKAY to feel this way and Ramadan wasn’t suppose to solve your problems magically anyway.The devils are chained, but we surely need to do our tasks and force our nafs towards good. And in the above ayah, the only thing Allahs says is to practice Sabr and the rest will taken care of.
Just keep walking, keep moving ahead without being stagnant or giving up. This trial which has come to you, it is by HIS will and he assures that He is WITH YOU and that you are without a doubt in the safest hands ever but do not leave the path of Sabr, thinking that Allah has abandoned you. No He hasn’t, He can never do that because the Qur’an affirms the truth of Him answering call, in fact that Adheem Rabb of ours is shy to let our hands go down empty and hearts disappointed.

“Is He [not best] who responds to the desperate one when he calls upon Him…” (Qur’an, 27:62)

The Real Treasure of Ramadan Isn’t Taken YET

Remember Its never too late to spring back up on your toes, brush off the negativity and shift your focus on the little that you are capable to do with Ihsan and Ikhlas. Instead of crying over what’s gone, planning the remaining of the half with excellence and turning the tables big time, changing the game is totally achievable, YES BY YOU, ABSOLUTELY YOU.

I once heard in a lecture,”keep a door open between you and allah, and his mercy will enter you through it”

This is crucial, just one niyyah, one hasanah, one du’a, or may be a single tear that falls from your eyes would be ENOUGH for His Rehma to cover you, but YOU take the first step no matter how hard it is, how small it is, how insignificant you may feel it is, JUST TAKE IT and then HE Ar – Rahman will reach out to you, His love will be showered upon you and you will feel that Sakeenah once again embracing you Insha Allah.

Because the treasure is still not taken, the most priceless of the 10 nights still remains, 10 explicit totally – guaranteed – to – be – granted Iftar duas still remains, 10 unimaginably worthy days to fill up your sacks with Hasanahs still remain and the jackpot – the overwhelmingly blessed of all the nights – Laylatul Qadr still REMAINS.

Yallah so if you are truly convinced to hop in with me on this amazinglicious ride heading towards Redemption, Healing and Change with toufeeq billaah then below is the action plan for a powerpact comeback Inshallah! Just as a soldier needs a battle plan I have tried making covering as much as I can so we don’t miss out on anything InshaAllah!


This needs tedious ground working, continuous brain assuring and heart explaining. lol did I sound like a teacher?

Umm you have to act as one too. Be a teacher who is strict on his student and so are you for your nafs. If you are broken, bleeding and in tremendous pain that you can’t bear then go to Allah with all that torturous baggage of yours. You feel vulnerable? then be vulnerable in front of the best of Protectors and why shouldn’t you when there is no fear of criticism, judgement, hatred, mockery instead there is only Acceptance, Love and Guidance.
Who safer and awesomer than Ar – Rahman wal kareem wal A’zeez wal Jabbar to run to?
You think the one who can mend ANYTHING , can’t fix your heart and let it blossom once again?

The Rabb who waters the dry earth and replenishes its thirsty ground once again, bringing it back to existence isn’t capable to rejuvenate your soul?

Trust HIS Hikmah, Believe in His Plan and know that he doesn’t desire harm for you because His love surpasses that of the 70 mothers. Subhaanallah! As the saying goes –

Yasduqillaaha, Yasduq


These three interconnected conditions are not related to the actions of your limbs physically but are just the solemn state of the heart and if you can get yourself do it, you have won half the battle. These are - Tawakkul, Yaqeen and Husn Adh dhan!

These are your weapons that shall empower you in your ‘Down Cycles’ / Panic atacks/ Depression Phase / Robotic Schedules or any time you are at your lowest. The three steps to liberation which can work wonders and if strived towards sincerely can get you rid of your emotional and mental turmoils.

Firstly, rely on Al – Wakeel for facilitation of ALL your affairs, whether its the ability to read Qur’an or do the Qiyam. Say it in your heart and repeat it in your mind. Do this mental exercise – ‘Ya Allah I only ask and rely on YOU, to enable me to do these acts of Ibadah and help me benefit from it’

Secondly, Have yaqeen, that unwavering faith that ALLah is enough, reflect over the true meaning of Hasbeeyallah and be a walking example of it. Convince yourself that –  if it’s khair for me, Allah shall open ways and unlock my sealed heart, remove obstacles and guide me to pray my Qiyam and if not then he might have a better plan.

Lastly, Have Husn Adh Dhan in Allah, no matter how your outcome is, think positively of Allah, have the best possible thoughts of him because He isn’t an Unjust Lord, He is a Beautiful Master worthy of every praise because not only did he announce Dhulm being haraam for amongst his slaves but for himself as well. Allahuakbar!

So rely, believe and be happy with your Master.

Your Original Armor – ADHKAR

Allah says, “And remember your Lord much and exalt [Him with praise] in the evening and the morning.” (Surah Aal Imran, 41)

THIS is one technique to get yourself protected from the waswas of shayaateen and the nafs. Get hoards of Ajar by simply wetting your tongue by His remembrance and winning Allah’s Love by just being consistent in this deed for His sake.

If you are unable to do the major acts of worship due to your mood swings, make sure you don’t loose the grip of Dhikr because it is powerful and can work wonders. Keep the dhikr on because this will not only help you feel better and grant you relief but you will be amazed on how much bigger level it affects your heart. You cannot even fathom how the Dhikr of Al Kareem purifies your heart and cleanses your soul.

One of my friend is so sick, she can’t even move sometimes but Subhanallah she says, the Adhkar of the two times are my weapons to fight my mood swings and sickness both. It really helps to navigate the negative emotions and lets sakeenah enter your heart.

“Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.” (Qur’an, 13:28)

Its simple, easy and most of all rewarding if done with sincerity and for people who are continually feeling low, just keep yourself busy with this, any Dua, any simple praise, anything but just keep repeating with conviction and belief and Allah will count these meager actions as huge ones on Youmul Qiyamah Inshallah. Allah doesn’t want us to do much, he doesn’t focus on the quantity but the quality.

So make sure the quality is worth it and always remember the efforts of the Muhsin aren’t allowed to go down the drains so not even a tiny intention of yours is going un noticed, He is As Shakoor – the Appreciative who compensates in the best of ways.

I remember once, when I was deeply hurt, with a broken heart full of charged emotions, soul weighing down and it was so hard to gulp down the lump forming in my throat. It was a moonlit night and my eyes only sparkled with the stream of tears that were ready to bump out anytime and Subhanallah the dua which my dad often repeated in his Tahjuds striked me out of the blue and were uttered by my lips and it had been soo soo long that I had recited so it was absolutely not me BUT Allah who inspired the dua in my heart and within no time my frustration was melting down and I was at ease Alhamdulillah. A lesson i learnt that, no one is ever alone in any circumstance, Allah is always there, we just need to seek his aid. That lovely Dua I can never forget now is  –

Yaa Mugheethu, Aghisni! Yaa Mugheethu Aghisnin!

Oh Reliever! Relieve Me! Oh Reliever! Relieve Me!

NIYYAH – Your shortcut to JANNAH

One solid powerpact unbeatable intention dipped in Ikhlas wal Ihsaan and you are done man!

We all know that ‘Innamal Aaa’malu Binniyaah’ that actions aren’t worthy if not supported with meaningful intentions. Abu Bakr surpassed all the companions not because he excelled in other forms of worship but because that which was deeply clearly rooted in His Heart – his Iman, Allahuakbar.

So drill it in your head, make the most of this opportunity that Allah has given you, make BIG BEAUTIFUL AND MULTIPLE intentions for EVERYTHING that you do. Weather making iftaar for your family, babysitting the kids, studying for an exam or even sleeping for that matter. Just make a good intention that pleases Allah because not even a tiny seed of good that you do is going to be wasted, because it’s not the flawed humans, but AL – Baseer, the all seeing who is watching you and the one in authority. His rehma and Love for us is beyond imagination, that is why a Sahaabi once said, If i was given a choice to be judged by my parents and Allah, I would surely chose Allah.
Why would anyone say that? Because even closest of bonds cannot compete with Al – Wadood and His generosity.

Khurram Murad states that “purpose and intention are like the soul of a body or the inner capability of a seed. Many seeds look alike, but as they begin to grow and bear fruit, their differences become manifest. The purer and higher the motive, the greater the value and yield of your efforts.”

Quran – A Healing for Your Heart

“O mankind, there has to come to you instruction from your Lord and healing for what is in the breasts and guidance and mercy for the believers.” (Qur’an, 10:57)

Its the perfect time to use this Kalaamullah which descended from the heavens as a medication to your ailing heart. Don’t chose the Quran marathon that everyone is busy with, it’s not about the no of pages of you recite anyway but HOW much of it you internalise and the effect is has on your heart. READ ONE AYAH, just one but understand its depth, go deep digging and let it hit home, memorise it and only then move ahead. Do not fret or be disappointed if you haven’t finish the Quran yet, start now. Take 5 mins before you sleep or as soon as you wake up or may be on the way to work and if still you can’t make it then atleast HEAR it.

Listen to the recitation, let it play in the background while you work or cook or clean or whatever but try building a relationship with Allah’s book, which shall intercede for you on Youmul Qiyaamah.
Allah loves consistent actions, so little you do is enough but the requirement is that YOU DO. The brokenness, the pain and the inner constriction that you feel, there isn’t a better cure than Quran, the words will be a soothing breeze for your heart but come to seek it with that intention Inshallah.

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq, who is known to be the most knowledgeable of the secrets of the Qur’an said, "And I am amazed at the person who is afflicted with sadness, and he does not flee to the Words of Allah: ‘There is no deity except You; exalted are You. Indeed, I have been of the wrongdoers,’ for verily Allah has said after it. ‘So We responded to him and saved him from the distress. And thus do We save the believers.’ (Qur’an, 21:87-88)

Cling to the SUNNAH

‘’Say, [O Muhammad], “If you should love Allah, then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (Al-Qur’an 3:31)

Focus on the sunnahs, the easy ones. It will not only help you follow the footsteps of Rasulullaah saws but this will eventually incorporate the love of the prophet in your heart and you will be coming a step closer to the best way of living. As we know ‘Too many cooks, spoil the broth’, so dont burden yourself with everything altogether. Just begin small like reading Surah Mulk before sleeping, start using a siwaak, follow the sunnahs of drinking water, take a nap in the noon or anything which is feasible for your routine and is within your capability. As you see yourself managing then you can add up a little more inshallah.

DUA – The Ultimate IBADAH

If you find yourself failing to do everything else, TRY NOT LOSING ON THIS ONE. Your situation can be worse than what the world perceives and it must be hard to do different forms of Ibadah but right before you shut your eyes and drift to sleep, lift those weary hands and relieve your heart from its burdens.

Call out to the most Merciful and pour yourself out, ask ask and ask until there is no desire left, cry till the eyes can’t shed a single more tear, and plead like there is no tomorrow but only today and your need is desperate.

The beauty of Dua is that it never goes in vain and Alhamdulillah is a great form of worship in itself. So do not restrict yourself or be miser when you ask. If you are a dreamer or a seeker then this is YOUR SWORD. Fight your battle with it and you will see how Al Qawi grants you victory Inshallah.

I leave you all with two beautiful dua suggestions by my dearest friend, which I recently memorised. I urge you all to learn it and repeat it because it’s AMAZINGLY phrased –

Allahumarzuqni toufeeqan fee tareeqy, wa raahatan fee nafsi wa tayseeran fi amri

Oh Allah! Grant me success in my path and relief to my nafs and ease in my affairs.

Allahumarzuqni bi ajmal mimma atmanna, wa akthar mimma atawaqqaa, wa afdhal mimma Adu’u

Oh Allah! Grant me in a more beautiful form than I desire and more than what I expect and better than what I pray for.

Indeed the locks of the most entangled cage shall break open, that ray of sparkling light shall sneak in even in the most horrendous of dungeons where darkness was all that existed and those forever closed doors where the cobwebs and dust smeared all over the space making it hard to count the days as when was it last open and finally the breeze of liberation shall dance on the rhythm of ultimate contentment that shall quench the thirst of every being who yearned for an eternity to taste the waters of Ease because the Seasons of Khair is now here, the best of NIGHTS have announced it arrival. Rejoice at the glad tidings ya Muslimeen! The times for the shattered dreams to bloom once again, the moments for the incomplete goals to be accomplished and the period fulfilling the desire to dedicate your life in HIS submission has surely graced our doors. Alhamdulillah!

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