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Matters of the Heart
October 12, 2020

The Princess that YOU are!

Growing up, we all wanted to be a princess. Thanks to Mr Walt Disney, even as grown ups, the idea of princesses tug at our hearts. Just take a look at our mothers’ fascination with the late Princess Diana or our current obsession with Kate Middleton or Queen Rania.

Well, I am here to tell you that every Muslim woman is a princess by default. So honored in the eyes of her God, she’s untouchable physically and emotionally. Her Master tells her that her beauty is not defined by the society but is defined by the abundance of mercy existing and flourishing within her heart often times overflowing and changing the lives of people around her. When she loves, it’s contagious. It’s intimate. It’s intense. It’s warm. She needs not to be kissed, saved or protected by any prince charming. She is well-guarded by the King of kings. Her soul is pristine. Attached to a higher realm, yearning for the Garden up above, her soul is not given away too easily to the lowly and undeserving dunya. She does not need a tiara, a gown or a palace of this life to tell that she’s a princess. Only her loyal relationship with her Maker and her intense longing for her perpetual palace in the next world will.

When she speaks, she speaks with passion. A passion that fires within her. It gives birth to change. It moves the world. Yes, she does tear up. Too easily too you might say. At pretty much almost anything. But you fail to see something beautiful in that. You forget that this quality is a quality of mercy. It indicates the softness and purity of her heart. And these are things that makes a mother, a MOTHER. She, according to Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya, is like half a nation, which gives birth to the other half which makes her, yes, you’re right, an entire nation.

Her modesty and shyness are mesmerizing. The beauty of her heart is dazzling and irresistible to the eyes of those who are truly awake. When she is a daughter, she is obedient and kind. When she is a wife, she is loyal and understanding. When she is a mother, she is loving and merciful. When she is an activist, she is passionate and driven.

She acknowledges deep down she is not perfect. She is broken, flawed and weak. But she knows relying on others does not make her any stronger, it is only when she places her reliance on the Most Strong can she truly survive this harsh and brutal world. When she is broken, she knows that the best remedy is not found by crying in the shoulder of others, but by shedding tears to Her Lord in sujood. When fleeing from this stormy life, she knows that the best solace and refuge can only be found in salah and dua. To return back to her Lord, is to return Home.

Carry yourself like the princess that you are. Lofty standards guide you. Divine love nourishes you. The highest Garden awaits you.

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